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Octopus Window Cleaning specializes in top-quality residential window cleaning. In fact, it is the only type of window that we clean.  There is nothing like the feeling of perfectly clean windows on a bright, sunny day.  Its like your house is completely open and you can take in all the outside beauty while remaining in the comfort of your home.  You should have that feeling everyday and that is what we aim to provide.  Not just clean windows because of how dirty they are now, but clean windows so they will be clean all the time.

We have 3 window cleaning packages for you to choose from.  We always recommend the our Premium Package the first time through as it will return you windows to a "like new" condition.  Once all parts if your windows have been thoroughly cleaned, your view will be more easily maintained with the Basic Package.

The chart below and paragraphs that follow will explain all the different window cleaning packages that we offer. All window cleaning comes with our 100% Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee and a 48 Hour Weather Guarantee.  Prices start at only $129.


The glass is cleaned by first scrubbing the whole surface of the glass with our window cleaning solution in order to loosen and suspend all dirt into the water. Next, with one smooth motion, we use our squeegee to take all of the cleaning solution off of the glass. The edges of the glass and frames are then detailed with a clean dry cloth. And presto, your glass is left completely transparent and streak-free, even in the direct sunlight!

Paint overspray, hard water stains, and construction debris removal is not included in the standard cleaning. If these conditions are discovered during the cleaning of the glass, we will discuss with you the additional methods that can be used.


We will wash your screens using a machine that scrubs both sides while running water flushes off all the loosened dirt. This method not only leaves the screens looking the cleanest, but it also leaves no soapy
residue or dirt on the screen

Clean screens are very important, as any rain that may pass through your screen on the way to the window will carry with it any dirt that is on the screens surface.


When we say we detail tracks and frames, we mean we actually open the windows and remove all the visible dirt. This is not just a quick wipe down!

We first open the window and loosen any debris that has settled in the tracks of the windows. This is followed by vacuuming out all of that dirt. But we don't leave it at that, after vacuuming, we then thoroughly spray all parts of the tracks and frames with our cleaning solution and detail all parts with a clean, dry rag. The results will speak for themselves, but we can assure you that your tracks and frames will be looking brand new.


Once we have cleaned your windows with one of the above packages, you can easily keep that view looking good year-round by taking advantage of our quarterly rate for the Basic Package. This is a discounted rate offered for up to 3 months since your last cleaning that includes washing all exterior glass and washing all exterior screens.

Less dirt for us to clean means better deal for you!

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