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Hello, and thanks for visiting the Octopus Window Cleaning website!  We have tried to included all the information you could ever want to know about us on this site; including instant quotes for our services, testimonials from raving customers, and answers to the most commonly asked questions in our FAQ page.  

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Your First Window Cleaning

If you have never had your windows cleaned by Octopus you are in for a treat.  There is nothing that makes more of an impact in your home than truly clean windows.  The difference is best described as going from a standard definition television to high definition television.  You can't even imagine your view until you try it for yourself!


Octopus Window Cleaning is located in the beautiful city of Colorado Springs, home to the awe-inspiring 14,115 ft Pikes Peak. With such amazing mountain scenery right in our own backyard, most homes in the area are designed with an abundance of windows with the purpose of taking in as much of the view as possible. And keeping that view crystal clear is an important goal for most home owners!

However, actually cleaning all those windows is a BIG job even for the most tenacious do-it-yourself homeowner- not to mention dangerous, time consuming, and hard to get the desired results.

That's where we come in.
Octopus Window Cleaning has the experience and technology to get the job done right- EVERY TIME!  In fact, we are so confident in our service that we offer a 100% Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee to back it up.

Our unique service plans make having clean windows easy and that's the most important part.  When you look at the view through your window and all you see it dirt, its already too late.  With Octopus, the task of remembering to get your windows cleaned becomes automatic, because we do it for you.

Click the link below for an instant quote of the cost to clean your windows and then click schedule now to select from our available appointments!

Join Club Octopus for yearround clean

After we have fully detailed your windows, don't forget to sign up for our quarterly exterior maintenance program.  Every three months we will clean your outside windows with our pure water window cleaning system which leaves your windows cleaner longer than traditional methods.  Your windows will thank you!

The octopus at work.

Here are some of our action shots on site.  We get to spend everyday making our customers worlds brighter.  Our work is very satisfying and we love showing our team in action!

"Excellent service with courteous, efficient workers. The windows are perfect and we are very pleased. Thank you."

- Martha J

It's the same feeling when upgrading your CRT to a 4K TV; everything is crystal clear.

-Will Gregorian 

"Outstanding service! Organized, on time, and fantastic job!"

-Chris S