Your questions answered!

There is a chance of rain in the forecast.  Are you going to reschedule our appointment?  Colorado weather is notoriously unpredictable, so we try not to rely too heavily on the daily weather forecast.  If there is actually bad weather the day of your appointment and you are scheduled for an inside and outside window cleaning, we will still come to clean the inside windows and return within a couple days to complete the outside.  If you are scheduled for an outside only window cleaning, we will call you ahead of time to discuss options.  All window cleaning comes with our 48 hour weather guarantee; and if you call within that time frame, we will return to clean any affected windows for free.

Do I need to move anything inside before you arrive?  We ask that you remove everything from the window sills and raise/pull back all window coverings.  If any furniture is blocking access to the windows, we would be happy to assist you in moving it back.

Can I pay by credit card?  Yes, we accept all major credit cards, checks, and cash.  We process credit cards through Square.  Credit card payments can be processed both on site and though a payment link via email.

Do I need to be home during our appointment?  If this is the first time that we are cleaning your windows, we prefer that you are home so that we can point out any issue that we may find.  Once we have cleaned your house, you do not have to be home for any future inside/outside cleanings as long as we have access to the inside.  Future outside only cleanings can, in most cases, be done without any access to the inside. However, some types of windows require that the screens are removed from the inside of the house.  We keep notes for each house that will let us know if access to the inside will be needed for an outside only cleaning.

I have REALLY high windows in my home.  Do you think you can reach them?  We can clean windows up to four stories tall and in over 15 years of business have never run into a residential window that was too high to clean.  We also utilize all the very best safety equipment and take safely very seriously.

How far in advance can I schedule?  We encourage customers to book their next appointment when we are at your house.  This can be beneficial because certain times of year we get booked up far in advance and you can ensure that you get the date and time that you prefer.  You can schedule an appointment as far as a year ahead of time and we will send you emails and call to remind you as you appointment draws near.

Are you insured and can you provide proof?  Definitely!  We are fully insured and bonded and carry a 2 million dollar general liability coverage.  We would be happy to provide you with our Certificate of Liability Insurance or you can download a copy below.